Thursday, 4 June 2015

Blueberry and Banana 'Nicecream'

All scream for Nice Cream!!

I think Nice Cream is one of the best things invented ever. If you haven't tried it, or heard of it, where have you been! You are missing out. Nice cream, is an ice cream made of blended frozen bananas. It is super yummy. You can mix in any fruits that you want to flavor the nicecream, or add chocolate powder, and dates for a chocolatey flavor. 

I find that the bananas are quite hard to blend when frozen. But i don't have a super duper high speed blender. I find adding a little coconut water helps the mixing process, but it does create a wetter mix. You can refreeze after you have blended to make a scoopable ice cream. 

It is best to wait until your bananas are very ripe, black spotted, before you freeze them. This is a great way to use up any uneaten bananas, although i personally only eat really raw bananas anyway as they are easier to digest. 

Blueberry Nice Cream

4 Frozen ripe Bananas
1 cup frozen blueberries
A dash of coconut water

Any toppings you like ie cinnamon, fresh fruit, raisins :)

Blend frozen bananas, and coconut water until icecreamy texture. Either add the frozen blueberries and sir in with a spoon to create a 'ripple' or blend to flavor the ice cream. 

You can re-freeze the nicecream if you want it to be scoop-able, or it straight away. 

Fruit island - oh and i have vegan tees!

 Helloooo chickpeas. It has been such a lovely day today, really hot and sunny. Although the sun has started to go down now, and it has become a little chilly, i am still lounging on the grass attempting to soak up the last few rays! I always feel much better when it is sunny.

The last couple of days i have been focusing on an island diet as previously mentioned. Which, simply is a mono diet. You are strictly meant to only eat one fruit, normally bananas, watermelon or oranges. But loads of that fruit in order to get enough calories in.  The idea of this, is a high carb, high natural sugar but low fat diet. I personally have combined a few fruits. I am eating bananas, oranges, melons and blueberries. I occasionally nibble the odd date too if i need an energy boost.

It seems like a lot of sugar. From the standard 'recommended daily amount', yes, you consume way over the recommendation. But here is the clever part. But cutting out all fats, including nuts, avocados etc, your body uses the sugar as energy. If you were to eat the fats as well, they would block the sugar from entering your bloodstream and the excess sugar is then turned into a fat store. Pretty neat.

So as long as you cut the fat out, you can eat as many bananas, oranges, dates and berries as you like. Drink wise, i have tons of coconut water, lemon infused water and green teas. I occasionally make a black coffee too ( but that is normally if i am stuck in the office and it has been a long day!)

I have been trying to drink a lot of my bananas, by blending into smoothies with coconut water. The oranges, i just eat tons of! And the blueberries i add to frozen bananas to make a 'nice cream' which is amazing and i will post a recipe up tonight :)

To some, a pure fruit diet may sound crazy, I have to admit, it did to me before i tried it. But i actually feel fantastic. So i deffo recommend giving it a go. I am going to keep it up all summer, but lay off if i go out for a meal with friends etc, as otherwise it would be ridiculously tricky. It is hard enough finding anything vegan on menus as it is!

In other news, I have vegan t-shirts! I have wanted some for ages. I found some really cute ones on Etsy, but they were from the US and delivery costed a fortune. Luckily, one of my friends recently went over to the US and he bought them back for me. :).

I don't like to force my veganism or beliefs on others. But a few slogans on tees doesn't do any harm.

I am off to eat some yummy Blueberry Nice cream and i willl post the recipe up too. :)

Monday, 1 June 2015

For the love of Fruit

I am soaking up the Vit C tonight with a huuge bowl of oranges covered in deliciously yummy cinnamon. This morning i went for a run before work and swallowed a little fly - ( bad vegan? ). EEk. Anyway ever since then my throat has been really itchy and tickly. Now it could be because of the little fly, but most likely i am coming down with a bug, or cold and i really cant be doing with that right now! I would like to think with all the fruit and veg i consume my immune system is pretty good. So i am hoping i will beat this tonight and wake up fine and dandy tomorrow morning.

My brother sent me a book in the post a few weeks ago which was a nice, yet strange surprise. Strange as i don't read. It is not that i cant physically read, but i cant seem to concentrate on a book long enough to read more than a page. Or i have been telling myself that for years to the point that i believe it, and even picking up a book feels odd. The book he sent me was 'Swallow This' by Joanna Blythman. It is all about unraveling the food industry, and finding out what is in foods, even ones labelled as 'fresh' and untouched not just processed. It really seems like my kind of book so i am going to give it a go and i will report back!

I have a new motivational quote, or line i guess to keep myself upbeat and moving forward. I say it to myself when i am running, and feel like i want to stop and walk for a bit. ( which i dont actually allow myself to do!) 

'What is the point of giving up. What would it achieve?'

I am not sure where this came from, or why it suddenly popped into my head but it did, and it works. Say i have run 4 miles, my legs are pretty tired but i have told myself today i am running a minimum of 5 miles. I want to stop, but what would i gain? If i give up now, i would only regret it and wish i hadn't. What would i actually achieve? Nothing. Then i carry on, finish my 5 miles and often run a few extra because i have motivated myself. 

I used to be extremely good at giving up and failing. I have an extremely black and white personality. I either do something, and nail it to the point it is incredible and perfect. Or i sack it in, give up completely and never go back. It can be a good trait to have. I have achieved so many great things. But also failed at, and lost many too. It means i get highly addictive, i have an extremely addictive personality. That is why i have never and will never gamble! Haha that wouldn't be a good move. 

Mono Mealing! Mono meals mean eating meals of single items, specifically fruits as it is easier for the body to digest. You may have heard of banana island, or watermelon island. Where you simply just eat that fruit, in various forms ie smoothies, frozen, etc for a specific period of time. Well right now i am half islanding! I am having about 4 bananas for my breakfast, often in a smoothie form or frozen and blended into a 'ice cream'. Then for lunch either a mono meal of melon, or oranges - or  a Litre of orange juice or coconut water. And for dinner a mono meal of bananas, melon or oranges again. It doesn't sound like a lot but the idea is that you eat a vast amount of each of the foods, and make sure you make up 2000-4000 calories per day. So you are no way starving. Fruits are full of sugar, water and carbs - And so far i feel pretty great.

I am not being too strict. I am allowing myself the occasional actual meal if i go out or just fancy something different. You have to listen to your body after all. But i am really keen how this fruitarian mono meal plan turns out. I have heard of loads of people who have had great results - health wise.

I had real funny looks in the supermarket today. I don't think people are used to seeing so much fruit in one trolley. I bought about 2 x the amount of oranges shown in the picture too, plus a load of green tea :) .

Fruit is just the best.

Real, clean, healthy fresh foods heal your body.