'Hi :) I am Emily, I am 22, from London and eat a Plant Based Diet'

My Diet

I eat a relatively strict vegan diet based on plants and wholefoods. I try to stick to a 70/30 ratio diet of raw food to cooked. And 80/20 ratio of fruit and veggies to grains and nuts. 


I don't like to think of my diet as a 'diet'. It has become a way of life. I don't eat this way to loose weight, or because i am trying to stick to a 'diet'. I eat a plant based wholefood diet because i WANT to. 

I like to know exactly what i am eating

I like to fill my body with fresh natural foods that are grown from the earth

I like to eat a diet that gives my body optimum health benefits

I like to eat a diet that does not cause unnecessary harm to living beings

This Diet suits my body. I feel happy, healthy and alive. 


The most common question people ask when i say i am vegan is ' well what do you eat?'.
I am not sure why, but 90% of the population of non vegans assume a plant based diet means a bowl of lettuce and not much else. 

I absolutely love to cook, and create my own dishes. When i became vegan, i was excited to experiment with food and make alternative versions of dishes i had previously eaten. There is soooo much you can do with wholefoods.

The bulk of my diet is filled with fruit, veggies plus some grains, legumes and rice and nuts. 

I stay away from refined or processed food. 

I eat Raw uncooked foods for up until dinner. For my main evening meal i often have lightly cooked veggies and sometimes add quinoa or lentils.

Refined sugars can be replaced by natural fruit sugars, or fruits such as dates. 


The aim of my blog is simply to inform and inspire. I believe you should live life the way YOU want to. Be HAPPY. Live HAPPY. 


  1. Loving the blog, keep it up (Sarah Powell_ xx

  2. What a brilliant resource. Great work - this is a huge help to me as just starting a plant based diet. Mick Flynn

    1. Thanks Mick that means a lot :) It is still early days but keep checking for new recipes and posts. x


Thanks for commenting. <3 Emily x