Monday, 30 March 2015

Yoga is my escape

Well.. I am pretty pleased with my progression. As you can see.. I am no yoga master yet but my flexibility is definitely improving and everyday I can stretch a little further, breathe deeper and bend deeper.

Life has been a little difficult recently. I have been going through a break-up, and a whole lot of life has happened. At first, I thought it was almost impossible to move on. When someone is such a huge part of your life, being without them feels like you have lost part of yourself. But that's silly. I have to keep telling myself that I live for me. I love myself, and love living in this beautiful world. Things can happen that make you want to run away, hide under your sheets, and sleep forever. But it doesn't help, you are just prolonging the fact that you have to stand up, and deal with the situation in front of you. Running away has never worked for me before, and it never will work. Facing life always seems more scary than it actually is.

' The only thing to fear is fear itself '

Yoga has become my escape. For 45mins every morning I can clear my mind, regain my focus and get ready to face the day ahead.

I have a set myself a goal - [ for when I can correct form positions! ]  to travel the globe, taking sunset yoga pose pictures. How Amazing and peaceful does that sound!


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