Monday, 13 April 2015

Mushroom Stroganoff [ with Quinoa & Buckwheat ]

I originally set out to cook a Mushroom Risotto tonight, but I got carried away with experimenting and this delicious meal was the outcome. About a month ago, I went to this really nice Veggie Restaurant in Hammersmith called THE GATE with a friend of mine. We nearly missed the entrance as it is practically disguised, and at the back of some kind of religious building. Apart from the odd location, the actual restaurant itself is incredible. It was packed.. I mean jam packed and bustling and had such a good vibe as soon as we walked through the door. Almost every item on the menu had a vegan option, so I was super happy. I ordered a mushroom risotto and it was seriously one of the nicest meals I have EVER had. 
I tried to replicate the risotto, but I am such a veg ADICT I had to chuck in some other veggies too. The taste of the sauce I created was pretty spot on though - yipee. I am not a huge rice eater, and so my meal became more of a stroganoff rather than a risotto. I much much much prefer eating grains such as quinoa and lentils than rice. I came across buckwheat in my wholefoods store the other day and thought I would give it a try tonight with my quinoa. Buckwheat is.. different in texture. It is almost nutty in flavour, and has much more of a bite to it than most other grains. I quite enjoyed it and it went really well with the Quinoa. 
Mushroom Stroganoff  [ with Quinoa & Buckwheat ]
Mushroom Stroganoff
1 Cup Sliced Mushrooms
1/2 Courgette finely sliced or grated
1/2 Carrot finely sliced or grated
1/2 Onion chopped
100ml coconut milk
100ml water
1 Vegan stock cube or Seasoning to taste
Place all ingredients into a pan and leave to marinate ( off the heat) for 10-30mins. Cook on a medium heat for 15-20mins, until veggies are cooked and the sauce has reduced and thickened.
Quinoa & Buckwheat
1/2 Cup Quinoa
1/2 Cup Buckwheat
Rinse with cold water first to remove the bitter tasting outer flavour. Boil in a pan of water for 15-20 mins.


  1. Cooked this dish last night & it was phenominal!

    1. I am so glad you liked it! It is one of my favorites :)


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