Thursday, 23 April 2015

Fitness Update

I Cant believe it. I am normally awful at sticking to things let alone exercise! But i am definitely getting somewhere! I praise the vegan diet! I wake up, with endless energy and so excited to live my life. I even get up at 6am before work. Yep. 6am! Just so i have enough time to do some yoga. I am so proud!

Yoga is going well. I love it. I find it really fun and relaxing.

Haha do you like my excited yoga face?

My main area i want to work on is my abs. I don't want ridiculous muscles. I am quite petite, and only 5'5! But i would like to se something there! I can see a few lines starting to appear which makes me happpppy and motivated to carry on.

Apart from yoga, i try to run, cycle or hit the gym a couple of times a week. I have to admit running isn't my best friend. It is quite hard on your joints, and i really don't think it is an exercise that suits me. Its always best to listen to your body rather than thinking you know best :)

I went for a lovely 25 mile Cycle the other day. Stopped for a spot of lunch where i found a salad and fruit smoothie. YUM.

So progress is progressing. Haha. 
I am on a few Vegan fitness groups on Facebook. I have to say being in those community's are so motivational! 

I will try and do a fitness update once a month. Join me on facebook if you want to  get healthy together! Have a good day :)

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