Thursday, 16 April 2015

Kiwi & Pear Smoothie

I love Breakfast smoothies :) I have them daily after my workouts - and i always get excited. I tend to look in my fruit bowl, pick a few fruits out that i fancy and chuck them in a blender. Sometimes i get a combination which just does not work and i know never to do that smoothie again! Ahaha. But most of the time, as long as you are not mixing a citrus fruit with a 'creamy' or 'milky' base such as almond milk etc, you are pretty safe!

I have bought a new blender, which i will blog about in full shortly. But in brief - i don't know how i ever managed without it! I previously used a standard smoothie maker that came with my food processor package. It was good, but took a while to blend and i never got a really smooth consistency. I also had to wash the damn thing up every morning which was a slog as i am always in a rush! My new blender, blends in the cup you use to drink! Which is perfect for the morning, when i can grab the bottle and run out the door. Its also super quick! and blends Everything really well, even carrot!

Working out is becoming enjoyable now. I used to hate exercising and i never thought i would get to the point where i liked it. I go to sleep looking forward to waking up. That is very odd for me as i love my sleep!

Today i had a loveeely kiwi & pear smoothie... It was sweet, thick, creamy and almost like having a pudding for breakfast. YUM.

Kiwi & Pear Smoothie

2 Bananas
2 Kiwis
1 pear
250ml Almond milk / Coconut water/ water

I used 100ml Almond milk, 100ml coconut water and 50ml water as i don't like to have too much almond milk. If you use all almond milk, you will have a much 'creamier' smoothie :) Alternatively, if the smoothie is too thick for your taste - add more liquid of choice.

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